Why Your Body Feels like a Battleground and a Few Thoughts on Making Peace

Rule number one of looking in the mirror:

Remember- somebody, somewhere wants to sell you something.

There is profit-a-plenty to be made in convincing people they need something they don’t yet have. Something that, were they to purchase it, would make them better/happier/more desirable/successful etc. Something that someone, somewhere would be more than happy to sell you. The result: continuous waves of advertising, marketing, subtle (and not so subtle) messages in one form or another, reminding you that you’re not quite there. Not good enough, happy enough, desirable or successful enough.

But fear not mere human! For, as it happens, the purveyors of said marketing have just the thing! *phew* The very product to assist you in becoming the best you you can possibly be because, unfortunately, as mentioned, current you just isn’t “this” or “that” enough.

Being at war with our own bodies, yields big industry, and it looks like us ladies are a particular (although by no means the only**) target.  According to this article in The Guardian, “British women spend £30m a year on slimming creams,” many of which claim to target the dreaded cellulite we’ve all heard so much (quite honestly, too much) about.  That’s big bucks on a “problem” that (let’s enlist a little perspectve here) frankly isn’t doing us any harm*.  When was the last time you heard of someone dropping dead of a cellulite attack? #KeepingItReal.

- let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more posts on body-peace/body positivity :) -

– let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more posts on body-peace/body positivity 🙂 –

Now, I spend as much time lamenting my thighs as the next woman (probably more than most) and yes, I own said creams (oops).  But there comes a point when you just have to say: “So what?! Why should I feel ashamed of my body?!” 

There’s a place for shame: snapping at my innocent boyfriend this morning in a state of PMS-induced rage: ummm…probably. The mere existence of my non-runway-worthy legs: nope.  And what’s more, (here’s a thought ladies!) how many men do you know appearing in adverts, staring forlorn at their own legs, obsessing over cellulite?! Turns out even our thighs must be liberated in the name of feminism (*shrugs* who knew?).

I’m not saying the agenda of all salesmen and women is to make you feel bloody awful about yourself. But it is worth remembering, when you’re contemplating shelling out for yet another cellulite busting, stretchmark shrinking, waist whittling product, that the ideal you’re striving for is one being sold to you.

So next time you’re stood, sad-faced, in front of, what is in fact, only an inanimate shiny surface, wondering what on earth you can do/use/buy to “correct” what you see, remember this:

It’s not your body that’s the battleground; it’s your wallet.

P.s. I think it’s worth my saying, this post is not meant to be a stab at any particular set of products or companies. I’m certainly no possessionless hermit (neither am I deliriously happy with my stretchmarks…or cellulite… or waist).  But marketting, in various forms, is an increasingly inescapable part of our daily lives, which can, and often does, involve encouraging people to notice those things about themselves that are, supposedly, in need of improvement.

So, if contemplating these so-called “imperfections” is making you unhappy, it may be time to call bull on some of the outside influences encouraging you to feel that way.

(Body-)Peace out friends,
Till next time 🙂 xx

*I understand cellulite has been linked to bodyweight but these lotions and potions aren’t nourishing our bodies with healthy diet and exercise.  Plus-I am at a healthy bodyweight and I still have those delightful little crinkles all over my hardworking thighs and bum.  I don’t think my loving partner has ever even noticed-quite probably the only thing annoying him is my babbling on about it-sorry dear!
**I also realise that blokes face similar pressures, and hope that, although I only have personal experience of this as a female, some of my advice/opinions might be helpful to you too. 🙂