Brownies for Breakfast! (Healthy, High-Protein, Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free, Vegan Brownies You Can Eat Alllll Day Long!)

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Lately my stomach has been giving me real trouble.  I keep getting awful stomach cramps, particularly during and after cardio.  The Doc reckons it may be IBS and suggested I cut out wheat and dairy to see if that helps. So here I am living off spinach and lean proteins watching the world enjoy their cakes…and croissants…and chocolates…and other yummy carby goodness *seriously pouty face*.  If it weren’t for peanut butter

I also find it pretty tricky to get enough protein to fuel an active lifestyle without whey.  I know it’s possible. I’ve seen those vegan athletes on instagram *impressed face.*  But it does involve a lot more thought and a sprinkling of creativity/innovation!  Enter my super gooey, chocolately, vegan protein brownies…

Basic Recipe:

90g of a chocolate vegan protein powder*

60g cocoa powder

55g smoothe peanut butter

30g maple syrup

150g ripe, mashed banana

200-250ml of almond milk – the extra 50ml makes a more gooey brownie, so go with your own brownie preferences here 🙂

1/2 tsp of baking powder

(any extras you like, from the healthy – cacao nibs, nuts etc. to the more decadent – mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and the like).

And there you have it…there’s not one single ingredient on that list that I feel I couldn’t justify eating for breakfast – including marshmallows but well… I’m a badass ;).  Plus you’ll also be getting around 16g of protein per 200kcal brownie!  I divided by batches up into 12 x 100kcal squares which is what you can see in the photos. Here’s how to make them (spoiler alert: just melt, mix and bake).

Step -1-

Melt together your peanut butter and maple syrup over the stove (I should imagine you could do this in the microwave too) and stir in your almond milk.

Step -2-

Mash up your ripe bananas.


Step -3-

Mix all of the above in with your cocoa and protein powder. Stir stir stir and boom! There’s your basic protein brownie batter!

(Optional) Step -4-

At this stage you can mix whatever you fancy into the batter.  I added mini marshmallows and the result was ultra gooey yummy brownies.  You could also add chocolate chips, nuts (if you want to go down the traditional brownie route) or pack an extra nutritional punch with cacao nibs.  They give the brownies a nice crunchy texture.

- On my second try I added in mini marshmallows and white (vegan) chocolate... it seeped into the mixture while cooking and made the brownie extra gooey (highly recommend!) -

I realise not all of the above additions are necessarily vegan, so add whatever you like according to your own dietary needs/preferences-the world is your baking tin!  I chopped up some ichoc vegan white chocolate and added that in too. #noregrets 🙂

Step -5-

Pop the mixture into a baking tin and bake until the top starts to crack/darken and a fork comes out (mostly) clean.  Mine took about 20 mins but I suggest keeping an eye on them.

These brownies are of the veeeeery fudgy variety so don’t expect the mixture to solidify and bake all the way through before leaving the oven.  They solidify fully whilst cooling afterwards and if that doesn’t do it a stint in the fridge will.  I lined my brownie tin in the most lazy, least professional way possible by (very) simply laying a sheet of greaseproof paper over the top of the tin and spooning the mixture in, spreading it out into the corners. Lazy but it worked 😉 #winning.

– you can top these with whatever takes your fancy to suit your own dietary needs…these ones are for my other half (because his dietary needs are chocolate and gummy bears –

Once they’re cooled slice them into squares, add your toppings and there you have it: ooey gooey vegan protein brownies you can enjoy whenever, wherever.

If you make these, do let me know how you get on in the comments or tweet me a photo/comment: @healthyhappystr or instagram: healthy.happy.strong (Boxing Girl). 

Enjoy the chocolatey goodness! Till next time 🙂


*I used MyProtein’s Vegan Blend.  It’s very cost effective (vegan protein powders can be expensive) but does taste strongly of peas in my opinion.

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