An Honest Little Post about Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Everything in Between

Hello everyone,

I’ve not blogged in a loooong while so here’s an honest little post explaining why…

The world of mental health problems is not a polished little hollywood number… you know the kind. Very attractive woman (whose nose never runs when she cries) being “rescued” from depths of despair by equally attractive man, happily ever after, oscar, joy, the end.  Anyone who has suffered with mental health problems will know that, actually, it’s a snot and tears, OMG I just cried/hyperventilated/lost my sh*t in front of this or that important person, too depressed to shower or shave my legs kinda jobbie.  Yeah-I said it.  Is that internet appropriate? It is now. 😉

kaboompics.com_Forest road

I figure glossing over it isn’t helping anyone so I’m going to try not to.  I’ve struggled a lot with various mental health issues over the last decade (I’m about 25 now) and I still do.  During my time at university, I was diagnosed with something called Borderline Personality Disorder.  That tends to bring along with it other issues including anxiety, eating disorders, depression, self harm, PTSD and a lot of nasty stigma.

It’s not all bad though 😉 I’ve also learnt a lot about how to deal with these conditions and their symptoms.  I’m no expert and I’m still faced with these challenges, to some extent, every day.  But on the good days I manage well and I’ve learnt (and am learning) lots of skills to make things better.  If you’re struggling, by the way, it does get better.  It does.  And you can do this, you can.

I’ll be updating my blog more regularly from now on (I promise) and I’ll try and be more honest about this sort of thing because I know that’s what I would find most comforting and helpful and I hope you will too.  All the regular health and fitness stuff will still be going on too because, for me, that’s all part of the package.  The post on body image (promised oh so long ago, will be up soon too).  But for now, thank you for reading and …you can do this, you really can.

Hang on in there 😉 xx


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