Body Shame, How to Deal: Reminding Yourself You’re Not Alone

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Welcome to my Small-Steps-Series on body shame.  I’ll be posting bitesize body positive posts that I hope will help you feel a little better about your body and only take a minute or two to read.  Here’s #1.  Please like or leave a comment if you find this helpful 🙂

Most (if not all) people are unhappy with one or more aspects of their physical appearance. Some more than others. Not even the ladies you see on magazine covers live up to the impossibly high standards of “beauty” we’re meant (quite literally) to buy into.

Stood miserable in front of that mirror can be a lonely place but, I promise, you’re not the only gal or guy focussing in on stretchmarks, scarring, too much of this or too little of that.  And even if you were, you’d still be beautiful because…

…Beauty is a subjective term.  It can’t be confined to the pages of a magazine or the four corners of a photograph.  Don’t let anyone take away the power you have to define beauty for yourself, your own way, in your own life.

Afterall, for me, maybe climbing my way out of the difficulties that resulted in these scars, the determination it takes to “fall down seven times, stand up eight” time and time again, is beautiful.  Just maybe it is.  Who’s to tell me otherwise and who’s to say I have to agree if they do? Maybe you’ve battled or are battling an eating disorder or have brought children into the world and so yh…you have a few stretchmarks.. you’ve done or are doing something challenging, beautiful, miraculous even.  That’s no cause for shame. No way.

Till next time #nobodyshame 🙂 xx


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