Body Shame, How to Deal: Applying Perspective

Hello everyone.  I hope you enjoyed my Small-Steps-Series #1.  Here’s small step #2 🙂 It’s all about trying to apply a little perspective.

I spend a LOT of time worrying about my thighs.  I really do.  Aside from the scarring, they’re larger than I would like.  The other day I was walking to the gym, contemplating my “chunky” legs, when I saw a man with no legs at all. They had been amputated just above the knee and he was in a wheelchair with only the top half of his body. Enough said really.

- note to self ;) -

– note to self 😉 –

I understand it’s hard to apply perspective when the next person to come around the corner is a cellulite-free bombshell with thighs up to here *frustrated hand gesture* (“here” is my face by the way. I’m dissapointingly small).  BUT, in my rational mindset, I know there really are bigger problems in life.  We’re often encouraged to forget this amidst the jostle for that covetted bikini body but taking a second to try and remember it might just help.

I have legs, they work.  I have a body, it works.  I have a partner, who loves my body, whose body also works and a loving family whose bodies (thankfully) work too.  It’s not easy, but maybe try and recall these moments of reasoned gratitude if you find yourself having one of those miserable mirror moments.


Till next time 🙂 xx


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