Lopsided Legs & Running Woes (CoffeeBreak #1)

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 Hello everyone,

I thought I’d try something new.  I don’t often blog about my life and what I’ve been up to, but I do like reading these kind of glimpse into daily life posts, so I thought I’d set up a new series and give it a go: “Life Updates and Coffee Breaks.” I’m aiming for a friends- catching-up-over-coffee vibe and it would be great if it could be more chatty/conversation-like and you could join in in the comments and let me know how you’ve been getting on too…

So let’s go… Cappuccino with almond milk (dairy hates me) at the ready.

Lopsided Legs and Running Woes

My body does not like to run.  Shin splints, runners knee, pain in my lower back, hip issues (don’t I sound like a healthy 25 yr old?!).  My mind on the other hand wants me to run my little heart out.  I need the endorphins.  I swear I’m a better person when I run.  Getting out there is haaaard but once I’m done I’m happier, nicer, calmer.

The other day I was doing a (pretty naff) 10k when my right knee and hip started to actually hurt.  It’s been on and off uncomfortable/awkward for a long time but doesn’t usually give me too much pain.  Unfortunately, I was already in the next village so I half ran, half limped, lopsidedly back home.  I used the last 5 mins of my warmdown to call a local sports clinic and book myself in to have it checked out.

Long story short, my right leg is nearly a cm longer than my left and the right side of my body has been doing all sorts of weird sh*t to try and compensate.  For any runners interested in this sort of thing, the left leg runs fairly normally, whereas the right over-pronates severely.

I think I’m going to get a second opinion just to make doubly sure the issue is a leg length discrepancy rather than my hips being out of alignment (apparently that’s a thing too), but likely I’ll need a pricey pair of orthotic insoles to sort it all out.  In the mean time, I have a little sort-of half insole to put in the heel of my left shoe to try and even things out a bit. I’m hoping this “diagnosis” will be the beginning of the end for my running problems.  Fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Have you ever had any running/sports injuries?

Do you struggle getting yourself out the door for a run or do you skip out merrily -and if so…any tips- ?

What do you do to lift your mood?

Till next time 🙂




4 thoughts on “Lopsided Legs & Running Woes (CoffeeBreak #1)

  1. Hi there! I was never a real runner, I like strenght exercises better really, I once had a small injury on my wrist because of pole dancing. Have you considered trying other sports? Maybe something less agressive on your knees?


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    • Hiya 🙂 My main sport is boxing but our coach has us run to build fitness for that. I was never much of a runner either to be honest- I enjoy it when I’m out there/finished lol but getting out of the house to go is another matter. I love strength training too-I’m under 5ft and it’s so empowering to be able to lift and move things ppl wouldn’t expect me to be able to on my own lol. Good for my independence. I’ve heard you have to be really strong for pole dancing! It’s meant to be really tricky isn’t it? xox

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      • Oh, I know about that. It really sucks getting all the willpower to actually go for a run, but when you’re done the feeling is amazing.

        I believe pole dancing is about the technique, or at least when you’re starting. I wasn’t really strong (not strong at all) and I could do some of the “tricks” you become stronger along the way. It’s a very intense and beautiful sport, but the classes are so expensive where I live.


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